Equipment Refurb

Marlowe Digital runs comprehensive refurbishment programmes that return second-user equipment to its former glory. This means that, when combined with a service contract, our second-user products can be as good as buying new. In addition to helping customers stretch their capital by providing first-class second-user systems, our refurbishment activities have other advantages:

Re-vitalise existing customer equipment - many customers have products which underperform today but still have potential to regain most of their former performance. With the judicious use of new, recycled and alternative, - lower cost - parts, combined with the expertise of our factory-trained staff, these devices can once again perform a useful role at an advantageous cost. Used in conjunction with one of our flexible service contracts, they can save the cost of a replacement or become a back-up for production overloads and breakdowns.

Recycle used but serviceable products - when budgets are tight or back up is required without a justifiable spend on new, our second-user portfolio is an ideal solution. With each product tested, serviced and refurbished where necessary we offer a selection of printers, CTP engines, digital presses and RIPs at prices that will make you smile and a 6-month warrantee to give you peace of mind. Visit "Second-user equipment" to see the latest availability.

Optimise resources and reduce waste - our philosophy is to keep devices and system operating to their optimum performance until they really have reached an end-of-life condition. By taking this approach, we eliminate the need for premature scrapping, saving the use of raw materials and valuable resources. And when a product really is 'dead', there are still parts which can be salvaged and repaired to feed our overall refurbishment programmes.