New Screen 4300 E/S B2 Thermal CTP

The PlateRite 4300E is an affordable, entry-level platesetter, which will provide printers with the most cost-effective way of incorporating the latest high-quality thermal CtP technology into their business and is upgradeable to a PlateRite 4300S which has a productivity of 21 pph. With increased flexibility in format support and even greater plate productivity, 21 plates per hour at 2400 dpi, the PlateRite 4300S is ideally suited to meet the requirements of even the most demanding printer. The PlateRite 4300E/S inherits all the features that have won the PlateRite series its reputation for high quality, high accuracy, and high reliability. This makes it a singularly attractive choice for the small or medium size printer with B3, B2 plus presses.

New Screen 8600 E/S/Z B1 Thermal CTP

The new generation PlateRite 8000N series thermal CtP recorders from Screen are the successors to the world leading PlateRite 8000 Series. Many years of experience and positive feedback from over 14.000 happy customers have led to further enhancements on design, specification and environmental friendliness. 

The PlateRite 8600N-Z/S recorders output B1-size plates up to a blistering 23 B1-size plates per hour*. The PlateRite 8600N-E can output up to 14 B1-size plates per hour*. *1,030 x 800 mm (40.5 x 31.4") plates at 2,400dpi

New FFEI Alinte 8 B1 Violet CTP

The Alinte 8 range is a B1 prepress series offering a wide choice of automation, quality and productivity options, plus the flexibility of having field-installable upgrades should productivity needs change.

Designed and built by FFEI for high-profile distributors, the Alinte 8 range offers the highest level of automation and productivity options.