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Marlowe Digital unveils four new products for IPEX – Stand S4 F300
13th February 2014: Marlowe Digital will show solutions across the entire spectrum of prepress production at IPEX 2014. New products include:

  • StudioRIP XF, bringing extended features to StudioRIP, the current market leader in price/performance RIP and workflow solutions. 
  • Quantum, a new comprehensive, but low cost, service package for owners of rebadged Screen platesetters.
  • Torrent JetFilm, an environmentally responsible and lower cost alternative to imagesetting for printers that still rely on film-based workflows.
  • Torrent JetPlate, inkjet CTP for smaller commercial printers.

StudioRIP XF
StudioRIP is already the most competitively priced RIP and workflow solution on the market, known for its outstanding screening quality, user friendly interface, high end-to-end productivity and comprehensive array of features. From IPEX 2014, a new version, StudioRIP XF, built on a new rendering platform, will extend the brand’s capabilities and flexibility.
Some of the new features include a comprehensive suite of flexo-specific tools, multi-core processing, ink-spread compensation, multiple screen types per job, multi-level imposition and improved pre-flighting. In addition, StudioRIP XF comes as standard with a dot-meter application, the ability to serve data to MAC client computers, faster and more accurate preview with no zoom limit and much more.
According to Derek Sizer, general manager of Marlowe, “StudioRIP was originally designed to lead the way in high performance RIPing at an affordable price. The new StudioRIP XF far exceeds that goal. RIPing and workflow capabilities have been extended to suit all production environments, productivity has been increased and integrated new technologies ensure enduring product performance, still with a low price tag.”

As the exclusive approved service provider for Screen UK CTP customers and holders of the Screen spares stock, Marlowe Digital has the expertise, resources and parts to offer fast response to owners of Screen CTP machines rebadged by other manufacturers.
Marlowe Digital Quantum is a new service contract with flexible feature levels that has been developed specifically to give peace of mind to the users of these machines. At its most comprehensive “Gold” level, Quantum provides telephone, remote and on-site support, including labour, travel and spares, with a guaranteed response time.
With an infrastructure built for fast response as well as an excellent supply chain and despatch service for parts, Marlowe Digital offers all of the above benefits at a very cost-effective rate compared with the original equipment supplier.

Torrent JetFilm
With new imagesetters no longer available, but many printers still dependent on film for small format commercial print and flexo plate production, relentless research has resulted in a viable imagesetter-replacement technology.
Launched at IPEX under the company's Torrent brand, the new solution includes an Epson printer, driven by any version of StudioRIP, to produce high quality print-ready films with pin-sharp halftones, clean-edged graphics and imagesetter-quality text. Specially developed inks and substrates ensure dimensional stability and high-density imaging, suitable for both commercial and flexo print applications. The use of multiple channels enables the Torrent system to output films at up to four times faster than the normal Epson speed, providing the productivity required for a busy print room.
A Torrent JetFilm solution not only provides a new life for film-based print workflows, it also improves environmental credentials. With no chemicals, lower power requirements and less waste it is the ideal route to green cost savings, especially with the printer still available for colour proofs.

Torrent JetPlate
Torrent JetPlate has been designed to improve prepress workflows for smaller printers. It uses a similar technology and specification to Torrent JetFilm, using any Epson Inkjet printer with a suitable specification. The addition of a pin-based registration system together with the use of multiple channels ensures the direct output of in-register, print-ready plates at up to ten plates per hour.
Suitable for stochastic or conventional screening up to 175lpi, the solution is ideal for 2- and 4-page printers that cannot justify the expense and running costs of a laser CTP system. Torrent JetPlate offers a fast ROI to these printers, possibly as low as three months depending on the volume of work.
According to Darren Eliot, managing director, Marlowe Digital, “Each of the new products underpins our overall company philosophy of 'going the extra mile' for our clients by pushing the boundaries of performance, responsiveness and value for money. Just as Marlowe Digital will continue to develop new high-value support packages in the UK, we will also focus on new-technology imaging devices for film and plate as well as helping to continuously enhance the workflow capabilities of StudioRIP XF.