• Spares and support for wide range of FujiFilm equipment, including processors and CTP.
  • Service contracts & ad-hoc service
  • Buy, Refurbish and sell FujiFilm equipment
  • Installation of equipment and systems

Marlowe Digital is proud to be a servicing partner for FujiFilm, a company which focuses on delivering technically advanced solutions that help produce superb, high quality print.

We offer comprehensive range of services to support a wide range of FujiFilm prepress solutions in the UK, including CTP devices and processors.

In addition to day-to-day support, either on a contract or ad hoc basis, we also refurbish FujiFilm products in our own workshops by factory-trained engineers and carry out installations of new and second-user FujiFim equipment and systems.

At all times our services are geared to supporting FujiFilm's own mission within its Graphic Systems Division of giving users a competitive edge through optimum and reliable performance.

Please contact Andy Hemmings (andy.hemmings@marlowe.co.uk) for the latest offers on FujiFilm Graphic Systems' products or see second-user equipment for current availability.