"Marlowe have been looking after the servicing and maintenance of our CTP Topsetter since 2007 - they have always been not only proactive on the preventative maintenance visits they do regularly, but also very willing when we have had breakdowns or diodes fail on us - importantly, we are never down for more than a few hours; engineers normally call us straight back and try and talk us through getting our CTP up and running; then if we are not 100% fully functioning, are generally on site next morning, so that we do have full functionality. To date (currently, that's over 7 years of Marlowe looking after us), I would have to give Marlowe a 100% satisfaction report - they employ very experienced engineers and they are the sort of supplier that will bend over backwards to help you out and get you back up and running asap - a Supplier “Partner” in every sense of the phrase."

Jeremy Burnell
Managing Director
Stabur Graphics Limited

"We have used the services of Marlowe for some time and always found them to be courteous, efficient and willing to go the extra mile to help us out of a problem when we have needed it. Their general level of servicing has been excellent too, I would thoroughly recommend them."

Geoff Gray
Managing Director
PK InPrint Limited

"I just wanted to express my pleasure at the way our Avalon N24-70 fault was rectified this week. The engineer who attended site did a thorough job and then stayed to observe production, he also took time to educate us in how the system worked and explained what he had done. Congratulations"

Larry Smyth
Production Manager
CPI William Clowes

"Our two Agfa Acento plate lines are critical to our business, so we entrust their reliability to Marlowe Digital. Their team is really responsive and provides excellent levels of service and support and are willing to 'go the extra mile' when problems arise. Marlowe has also been happy to help us with one-off projects such as moving two CTP lines to another part of the building within one day without disrupting production and additional support during critical production times."

Martin Davis
Studio Manager
Precision Printing

"My experience with Marlowe has been exceptional. Customer support, fantastic and an Engineer who was exceptional. Having switched from another supplier, I am only sorry that I did not make the change earlier."

Colin Brown
Managing Director
MMS Almac Ltd